Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Goals for July

June was a huge month for me, but a lot of it involved just sitting around and waiting for that paycheck to hit at the end of the month. (OK, I also hung out a ton with my friends, flew across the country, drove about 1/3 of the way across the country, and got settled into a new town.

July is the reset button, as the new job starts, so I guess it's time to set some goals.

Goal #1: Figure out a workable budget once I know for sure how much take-home pay I'll have

Goal #2: Sign up to have $1000 a month put automatically into a 403(b); have first $1000 taken out.

Goal #3: $500 in side hustle income

Goal #4: Bike to work two days a week (saving gas)

Goal #5: Stick to the grocery budget I laid out (this is going to be...really tough. I'm probably going to fail at this goal

That's all I can think of at the moment. I have two trips to take this month: one to Nearby Large City to see a friend's play (total hoped for cost: $50 -- public transportation and a ticket to the play; should be able to stay with other friends) and one "back east" for my brother's wedding (total hoped for cost: $300 for plane ticket, public transportation, and incidentals; again, I get free lodging.) So there goes my travel fund contributions for July and August! Good thing I am going to be a total homebody in August and September unless an emergency crops up.


  1. Those are some sizeable goals Cecilia - good luck! :) That $1000 per month is going to be massive for boosting your retirement savings. And $500 in side hustle is quite large as well!

    Grocery budgets are so necessary, otherwise I'm sure I could eat through my savings in a month or two. Good food is just so tempting :)

    1. I am off to a good start on the side hustling -- sold a big item on Amazon and netted just over $50, and received $50 for work I actually did last month (but will count in this month's income.)

      But omg groceries. I just want to buy ALL the expensive cheese and fruit. It's a good thing I'm 90% vegetarian or I'd have no hope.

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